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Friday, July 30, 2010

Gimme that old-time (Islamic) religion

Reuters reports that Hamas, the rulers of the Gaza Strip, have banned lingerie shops from displaying any women's underwear they believe is "immodest". At the same time, they claim they have no intention of imposing Islamic law on Gaza.

Of course they don't. And they have some bridges to sell, too, very cheap.

As recently as the 1970s, in many Islamic countries, lingerie was openly sold, along with Western products of all types. Of course, that was before the rise of the radical Islamics, who seem to fear and despise women -- and everyone else who isn't them.

No doubt, radical Islam is a serious threat to freedom. But one could make the case that any Islamist who takes his faith seriously is a radical.

Many, perhaps even most, Moslems do not take their religion to heart. It's something they grew up with, and observe pro forma, just as unobservant Christians only show up at church at Christmas and Easter.

Those who really study the Koran, though, learn that it tells them they can lie, cheat, steal, rape, and murder in order to futher the cause of Islam. Any who are skeptical of that assertion are invited to read the Koran for themselves.

Some have even been convined to blow themselves up in order to get 72 virgins. These poor saps will be disappointed to discover that, as the demons torture them in Hell, the virgins will REMAIN virgins.

As we shake our heads in amusement at the antics of such weird-beards, we need to remember that their brand of insanity is nearly as dangerous as socialism. Actually, it's quite similar, only with more robes and beheadings.

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