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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Early voting

The Beau-mate and I exercised the franchise today. Early voting extends thru the end of this week, and rather than waiting until Friday, the wife expressed a desire to vote today.

Her political evolution continues. From a clueless lefty, she's developed into a thoughtful and committed conservative, Hannity fan, culture warrior and budding gun owner. I couldn't be more proud.

In previous elections, she's been content to wait until election day. This time, though, she was eager to cast a vote for one of the gubernatorial underdogs. She doesn't trust Mr. Moneybags as governor. He's been a decent city mayor, but his family ties to "social moderates" (a code for RINOs), and an apparent lack of any real ideology, disturb her. I have to agree.

If he does get the nomination, he's a likely winner over his Dem opponent. In that eventuality, the conservatives and libertarians in Tennessee will need to watch him very closely.

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