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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Consequences of being inconsiderate

Yesterday, Knoxville hosted one stop for the "Get Motivated" tour, featuring Lou Holtz, Pat Summitt, Rudy Giuliani, et al. I waited too long to get a ticket (apparently they sold out early), but the Beau-mate was attending through her place of business. She was thrilled to go, being a fan of several of the speakers.

Last week, the company was told that all the seats in the venue were filled, so my wife and her co-workers would have to watch a video feed of the event at a satellite location. The Beau-mate decided reluctantly to attend anyway, despite not being able to see the speakers "live". Then she left for a couple of well-deserved vacation days.

When Wednesday morning dawned, the traffic reports were discouraging. Thousands of vehicles were backed up for miles around Knoxville's Civic Coliseum. Facing a thirty-mile trip to sit in a traffic jam, the Beau-mate decided to forego the conference, and drove to the office. Upon arrival, she everyone else gone, except for the person who had originally been the cheerleader for her company's attendance.

"Did you decide not to go?" my wife asked.

"Oh no...I thought I had a meeting today but I don't....mumble mumble"

"I'm surprised the others wanted to go just to watch it on video."

"Ohe no...we found out we had tickets to the live event after all...I put a note in your mailbox about it....."

"But you knew I was on vacation. Why didn't you call me?"

"(Indistinguishable mumbling)"

I have been urging the Beau-mate to take up shooting as a hobby. Until yesterday, she had not shown much interest in it.

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