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Friday, July 23, 2010

Conversations with the spouse, Part 1

Recently, your host was dining with his wife at one of Knoxville's fine burrito establishments. The Beau-mate waxed enthusiastic about a friend's new car. How much she liked the color, the interior, how her children liked it, etc. She paused, said "St. Augustine", and fell silent. Foolishly, Beaumont plunged into the conversational gap.

ME: Do you mean the person, or the town?

HER: The person?

ME: Well, yes. He's one of the early fathers of Christianity. His writings, like "Confessions" and "On The Trinity", are classics and studied by Christians of all denominations. To be fair, we don't usually refer to him as "Saint" Augustine, since we're Protestants.

HER: What does that have to do with Christina driving to Florida?

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