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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two tastes that don't taste great together: Obama and faith

The NY Times, CNN, et al., are very upset at the results of a TIME magazine poll indicating that a growing number of likely voters (89% of the respondents, self-identified) believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. This poll follows closely upon his endorsement of the Hamasque project, and his hosting of a Ramadan dinner in the White House. Such actions on the part of a sitting President do not sit well with many Americans. Why, then, do the media seem so shocked at the poll results? Could it be that Barry really is Muslim?

It is more likely that Obama is not a person of faith at all, although he is undoubtedly a Muslim sympathizer. Now, why should you credit this idea? Let's examine some incidents from his history:

His father was Muslim, and so under Islamic law, he is considered Muslim.

After abandonment by his father, he was raised by his mother's family, who endorsed socialist and communist ideals. Socialism and its ideological fellows are not sympathetic to religious faith.

When his mother remarried, he attended a Muslim school in Indonesia.

Upon arriving in Chicago, he began attending Jeremiah Wright's church, Trinity United Church of Christ. Now, despite its name, the church teaches black liberation theology. This is not a theology that most Christians would recognize as Christian at all. Among other things, they endorse "collective salvation", the belief that unless all are saved, no one can be saved. The Pope has denounced this idea as demonic, as it is directly opposed to the idea of individual salvation through acceptance of Christ.

Wright's church was regarded as the premier black church in Chicago. As such, it was the perfect place for a young black man with political ambitions.

Obama is known to carry a small statue of a Hindu monkey god in his pocket. After his election, Hindus in India built and dedicated a new statue of the god in a temple, in his honor.

Since his election, despite many protestations of faith and Biblical-sounding references in speeches, he has not attended church.

In summary, then, Barack Obama appears to be nothing more than an opportunist who will don whatever theological garment he believes will serve him best, as long as such devices do not conflict with his inborn prejudices. For evidence of those prejudices, examine his treatment of Israel, of conservative Christians, and of the Dalai Lama.

And ask yourself how much you can trust him.

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