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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conversations with the spouse, Part 2

Recently, the Beau-mate and I took a couple of days off to visit a nearby city. On road trips, she usually drives, since she enjoys doing so, and I navigate.

We took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a very scenic, but hilly and unfamiliar maze of streets. In that great tradition of cities everywhere, once you're off the main roads, the signage is no help at all.

I dug out our handy and incredibly un-detailed folding map and attempted to discover our whereabouts while the car's speed steadily increased.

ME: Slow down a little -- these signs are all behind trees and bushes. I can't read them before we pass them.

HER: I'm not going that fast!

ME: Okay, stay in this lane. (She immediately moves into the other lane.)

HER: You didn't say which lane.

ME: The lane you were in when I said, "Stay in this lane".

HER: (Approaching a split in the road) Which way do I turn?

ME: Slow down so I can read the street signs. (Immediately zooms down the right-hand road)

ME: We need to turn around. Don't go any farther.

HER: Okay, okay. You should have said so before now.

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